Social Media and Fundraising
There are many sources that are available to nonprofits online to raise funds. They are diverse and include ways to raise money for your organization, and to raise money for specific campaigns. Using social media and online resources to raise funds can allow your organization to reach a diverse crowd of people. It also allows you to potentially reach many more people than you would otherwise be able to. Below are various popular sites that can be used by nonprofits as ways to raise funds for their organizations.

Using twitter allows instant communication with supporters. Twitpay allows nonprofit organizations to use "tweets" and "retweets" as donations; followers of donors also see the donation. There are no sign-up costs or subscription fees, however, twitpay does charge a percentage of the donation and a small transaction fee. For more information on twitpay go to this site.

Causes integrates with Facebook. It connects supporters, promotes activism, and can help collect donations. It informs supporters of their impact on the organization (such as goals, project descriptions, deadlines, etc.). Also, a feature called Birthday Wish allows people to donate to organizations and charities of a person's choice. Causes is a free site, however, Network for Good, Causes partner in processing donations charges a 4.75% tax-deductible fee for transactions. For more information go to this site.

This is an online fundraising tool that mostly relates to aspects of money management. This site also integrates with Facebook (a Facebook account is needed to collect payments) and other social media sites. It connects supporters and allows them to share your organization with their followers on social media sites. There are no set-up costs but recipients pay 4.9% plus 30 cents for each transaction. For more information see their site.

This online fundraising tool is similar to Causes. It can promote fundraising campaigns, collect donations, and share impact of people's contributions. It works well with other social media networks to increase exposure. An interesting aspect is that it has conditional giving. This means that is a goal is not met a donators money is returned. It provides pricing plans that include adjustable monthly subscriptions and transacton fees (the higher the the subsription fee, the lower the transaction fee). For more information see their site.

This is an online fundraising tool that has a game-like design. Users earn points through raising funds, donating, and sharing campaigns through other social media networks. They can redeem the points for Crowdrise products, or as a donation to a few featured causes. There is a free basic account with options for account types that require an annual fee along with transaction fees. For more information see this site.

This site has a pledge system that raises funds for organizations that sign-up. Donors specify the amount that they pledge and the type of updates that collect pledges (such as 10 cents for every tweet or facebook update). This requires no special tagging in updates. For more information see their site.

This is simply an online event planning site. They have collection of ticket payments also. However, they do give special considerations and rates for nonprofit organizations. For more information see their site.

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