Mike Weekly, HAVAR, Inc.
Mike Weekly, HAVAR, Inc.

Human Resources

Incorporating the work of volunteers adds an additional wrinkle to nonprofit HR management.  In addition to paying payroll taxes and maintaining appropriate employee policies, many nonprofits also manage an active volunteer program with norms and requirements of its own. Although few nonprofits have the luxury of a full-time HR manager, it is important to keep up with HR law because employee-related complaints are the most common legal issue faced by nonprofits.

Sources of Additional Information

The U.S. Department of Labor has developed excellent web resources to help employers and employees better understand employment law:

  • First Step provides an overview of major employment laws including record keeping, reporting and notice requirements. It also provides details about the information that must be posted within a workplace and downloadable posters to fulfill these requirements.
  • E-Law advisors are interactive tools designed to provide easy-to-understand information by simulating an interview with a labor law expert. Pick a topic and the e-law advisor will ask questions and respond based upon your answers.

HRproOnline is a consulting firm specializing in HR issues.  In addition to advertising their services, their website provides a variety of free HR resources including legal information, sample personnel forms and a long list of frequently asked questions.

Idealist.org has created an online volunteer management resource center chock full of articles, guides and best practice suggestions for working with volunteers.


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