Kentucky Data


Kentucky Facts
Compiled by the Division of Research, this 42-page document provides an overview of many state-wide statistics, including its economy, population, and educational institutions.

Economic/Economic Development

Cabinet for Economic Development 2006 Economic Report
Published annually, this 30-page document details economic statistics and accomplishments, including expansion projects, job and investment announcements, and developments.

Kentucky Deskbook ofEconomic Statistics
This provides a compilation of the most recent statistics available on the social and economic conditions in Kentucky.


Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet
This website provides the most comprehensive overview of energy and environmental issues of Kentucky.

Ambient Air Quality Annual Report 2006
This 55-page document provides data and statistics of air quality in Kentucky, specifically tracking carbon monoxide, sulfur oxides, nitrogen dioxide, among others.

Energizing Appalachia: A Regional Blueprint for Economic and Energy Development
Published in 2006 by the Appalachian Regional Commission, this 32-page report provides statistics on energy use and resources throughout Appalachia and lays out a series of objectives and strategies for developing energy-based economic development for this region.


Kentucky Education Facts
This website provides basic statistical information about Kentucky schools, including number of schools, funding, etc.

Foster Care FACTS
This website provides links to reports detailing placement, demographic, and cost data for foster care in Kentucy.

Adult Education—Retention and Performance
This website provides links to basic charts detailing adult literacy statistics, including GED information.

Education Data
Compiled by the Kentucky State Data Center, this website provides links to numerous reports related to both childhood and adult education programs in Kentucky.

Kentucky Kids Count 2008 County Data Book
This 128-page document provides extensive information on the Kentucky Kids Count programs as well as the most recent data available.


Public Health Data Resource Guide 2007
This 77-page document provides an overview of public health statistics for 2007, as well as links to further data sources.


An Artist in Our Midst: Kentucky’s Artist in Residence Programs and What Makes Them Work
This 39-page document provides an overview of the Artist in Residence program of Kentucky, including information on funding and its relationship with the educational reform efforts.


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