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West Virginia State Budget, FY 2012
Put out by the Governor’s Office, these two documents provide an overview of the budgeting process and state revenues (Budget Report) and a detailed breakdown by department of actual spending last year and appropriations for next year (Operating Detail).  Both include a guide to help readers interpret the information provided.

Appalachia at the Millennium: An Overview of Results from Census 2000

Created for the Appalachian Regional Commission, this 57-page report uses data from the 2000 Census to provide a demographic, economic and social portrait of the 410-county Appalachian Region, including significant state-level data.


2008 West Virginia Kids Count Databook

This report provides the most current, accurate information available about the health, education, safety and economic security of West Virginia’s children. In addition to state-wide data, this report also provides a fact sheet for every county in West Virginia, including the most up-to-date figures on 14 key indicators of child well-being including rates of child poverty, abuse, teen pregnancy, etc. Finally, this report provides an in-depth look at West Virginia’s support for early childhood development and provides specific recommendations for future improvement.


West Virginia Department of Education School Report Cards, 2005-2006

This 464-page report provides detailed charts of state-, county-, and school-level data related to K-12 public education including curriculum, class size, drop-out rates, student performance, staffing and budgetary information.


Early Child Development is Economic Development

Based on a study done by the Marshall University Center for Business and Economic Research, this briefing paper makes a strong argument for investing in early child development programs as an effective economic development strategy.



Economy / Economic Development

Workforce West Virginia Labor Market Information

This website provides the most up-to-date data information on employment, wages, and job trends in West Virginia. It also provides detailed data profiles of each county based on the 2000 census.


Underemployment in Appalachia and the Rest of the United States, 1996 - 2004

Conventional unemployment rates provide an incomplete measure of local labor markets because they fail to capture involuntary part-time workers or discouraged workers who stop seeking employment because they can’t find jobs. Published for the Appalachian Regional Commission, this report provides a more complete picture of the Appalachian labor market by providing estimates of underemployment by state and by demographic group in easy-to-read charts.



Energy / Environment

Envirofacts Data Warehouse

Maintained by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, this website provides state-, county- and company-level information on threats to air, water, and land quality due to current or past industrial output. The database can be searched by zipcode, county or business name to identify environmental violations. The site will also show zipcode and county maps labeled with the type and source of potential environmental contaminants.

West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection Annual Report

Covering fiscal year 2007-2008, this report provides detailed information on budget and activities related to air quality, mining and reclamation, land restoration, water and waste management, and the Office of Oil and Gas.

West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection Citizen’s Guide

This guide includes a description of each division of the WV Department of Environmental Protection and the rule-making process as well as directions on how to ask for information through the Freedom of Information Act, request a hearing or meeting, and file an environmental complaint.


Energizing Appalachia: A Regional Blueprint for Economic and Energy Development

Published in 2006 by the Appalachian Regional Commission, this 32-page report provides statistics on energy use and resources throughout Appalachia and lays out a series of objectives and strategies for developing energy-based economic development for this region.

Health / Human Services

2004-2005 West Virginia Behavioral Health Risk Factor Survey Report

Published in 2007 by the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Services, this report contains numerous statistics on a variety of health-related issues including physical activity, nutrition, obesity, tobacco usage, diabetes, asthma, STDs, firearm ownership, preventative testing rates, etc.


West Virginia County Health Profiles

Maintained by the West Virginia Health Statistics Center, this website provides county-level data on a range of health issues, including birth and death rates, cause of death,  prenatal care statistics, incidence of cancer, etc.

West Virginia 2005 Vital Statistics Report

This website is maintained by the West Virginia Health Statistics Center and provides links to numerous charts, some with county-level data, on birth rates and birth weight, prenatal care, rate and cause of death, etc.

Family Protection Services Board 2004 Annual Report

Appointed by the Governor, the Family Protection Services Board is charged with overseeing domestic violence programs throughout West Virginia. This 22-page report provides information and statistics on existing programs, number of individuals served and types of services provided to prevent and respond to domestic abuse.

West Virginia Aging Health Status Report

Published in 2004 by the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, this 23-page report offers a health overview of residents 65 and over, including information regarding leading causes of death and hospitalization as well as prevalence of risk factors, incidence of disability and use of / barriers to use of preventative health services.


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