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The Gathering Place
The Gathering Place

There are great websites for posting volunteer opportunities and seeking organizations that need volunteers. These include:

  • VolunteerMatch

    VolunteerMatch is dedicated to helping everyone find a great place to volunteer. This service posts volunteer opportunities for 60,000 nonprofit organizations and has facilitated 3.7 million volunteer referrals since 1998.

  • athensstudentaction.org-

Athens Student Action’s goal to engage Ohio University and Hocking College students with local non-profits and community organizations through volunteerism and service. On AthensStudentAction.org students can learn about the vibrant and diverse organizations that work to strengthen the communities in Athens County. We want to help you make the most of your time in Athens. Volunteering can give you a way to connect with the Athens community, do something that is emotionally-fulfilling, and get the work experience that is so important to future success. What’s not to love?

  • 1-800-Volunteer.org 

    This site is used by the Ohio University Community Service program and lists many volunteer opportunities in Athens County and the surrounding area.

  • Idealist.org

    A project of Action Without Borders, Idealist is an interactive site where people and organizations can exchange resources and ideas as well as locate opportunities and supporters.

  • ugive.org-
          Ugive.org is a non-profit organization that uses a FREE website database to connect high school students with      
          nonprofits to work together on community service projects. Our website is easy to use and helps students find issues 
          they are passionate about, track service hours, and make positive changes in their community. The website allows   
          nonprofits (only registered 501 c 3 nonprofits are allowed on the site) an easy way to find volunteers from an often 
          forgotten demographic of willing and eager givers-high school students. Lastly, ugive.org allows schools and other 
          group administrators the opportunity to manage volunteers and their service hours online, eliminating the need for 
          paperwork and providing a number of beneficial features that help students make the most out of their volunteering 
          experiences. By providing these free services, ugive.org strives to carry out its mission to catalyze, excite and 
          empower the next generation of volunteers. We make philanthropy relevant to students, guiding them to give their time 
          and talents to strengthen their communities. Our ultimate goal is to create lifelong givers. For more information contact 
          Lacey Rogers, Athens AmeriCorps VISTA, (Youth Service Coordinator-ugive.org)  at lacey@ugive.org.

How It Works

  • For nonprofits: Organizations register and provide details about their volunteer needs (the date, location, necessary skills, if its appropriate for children, etc.) which are then posted on the web. This is completely free, although some sites will offer additional services (such as the ability to post a photograph) for those who pay a membership fee.
  • For volunteers: Those interested in volunteering provide information about themselves (what issues they are interested in, where they want to volunteer, etc.) and receive a list of volunteer opportunities that match. Some sites require potential volunteers to register, others do not.

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